Erlaaer Straße U6 station will be accessible from two sides


The Erlaaer Straße U6 station will be accessible from two sides. From the beginning of school in 2021, in addition to the current access via Erlaaer Straße, the station will have a second staircase in the ”In der Wiesen” area.

6.000 new apartments are currently being built in the urban development area “In der Wiesen”. The new subway access ensures that passengers get to the U6 faster and do not have to accept a detour to the existing entrance on Erlaaer Straße. 

Wiener Linien is investing around eight million euros in the renovation and expansion of the station.

”The city grows and the public transport grows with it. As originally planned, the second staircase in Erlaaer Straße is now being implemented. This will make it easier for thousands of residents to access the station”, says Günter Steinbauer, Managing Director of Wiener Linien. 

The Erlaaer Straße station will be expanded in several construction phases from the end of May. As part of the construction work, the platforms will also be completely roofed over to better protect passengers from the weather. 

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