Entirely online processes available in 48.3% of Italian Municipalities

Entirely online processes, in 2018, at least for one service out of the 24 observed, was available in 54.6% of the Italian Regions and 48.3% of the Italian Municipalities, latest Istituto Nazionale di Statistica data show.

Despite the growth of computerization of internal activities, 87.8% of the local PAs still used analogue tools (stamps, signatures, abbreviations) in the protocol and among them 45% used these tools for more than half of the documentation.

Internet access with fast connections (at least 30 Mbps) is avaible for 41% of the local PAs, ultrafast (at least 100 Mbps) for 17.4%.

More advanced technologies in larger municipalities

In 2018, almost all the Public Administrations (99.6%) used desktop PCs (39.2% with an average life longer than 5 years) and 62.4% laptops.

The presence of desktop personal computers was widespread (94.5 out of 100 employees; laptops available for 8.3 out of 100 employees).

Regions and Autonomous Provinces also used other mobile devices, GIS and CAD instruments, video conferencing tools, with percentages between 90% and 100%.

In comparison with 2015, among technologies aimed by Pas to reduce costs, open source software decreased from 54.1% to 50.9% in 2018, whereas cloud computing increased from 25.7% to 34.3% (10.5% in 2012).

The share of entities relying on e-procurement purchases remained stable (from 79.5% to 80.9%).

Availability of online services offered by local administrations continued to improve: almost half of them offered the possibility to start and conclude online the entire process of the requested service (47.8%; 33.8% in 2015) and the possibility to upload online documents relating to the requested
services (68.3%; 58,3% in 2015).

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