Enel X customers will be able to rent Bird electric scooters in Italy


Enel X and Bird have consolidated their cooperation by adding to Enel X’s JuicePass app a section dedicated to the rental service of over 5,000 Bird electric scooters in different Italian cities, such as Turin, Rome, Milan, Verona, Rimini, and Pesaro.

The aim of this cooperation is to offer customers the option of a fully integrated mobility experience.

Enel X JuicePass users will be redirected to the Bird app to book and use the scooters once the nearest ones have been identified on the map.

EV drivers will now be able to park and refuel at the charging points accessible through JuicePass, and continue their journeys on Bird scooters, relieving city traffic and protecting the environment.

At the end of the journey, the scooter must be parked in a safe place that does not interfere with pedestrians and vehicles.

There is an initial charge for unlocking the vehicle and a fee per minute.

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