Enel Green Power launches its largest wind farm in Spain 


Enel Green Power connected the 180 MW wind farm Tico Wind to the grid, marking the official launch of its largest wind farm in Spain.

The facility located in the town of Villar de los Navarros, province of Zaragoza, involved an investment amounting to 181 million euros.

It will generate about 471 GWh per year, which from a sustainability point of view have the potential to avoid the equivalent of up to almost 192,200 tons of CO2 each year.

At the same time, the output produced by the plant has the potential to avoid the purchase of up to 88 million cubic meters of gas from foreign sources per year.

The renewable energy will be partially supplied to global medicines company Novartis, with whom Enel Green Power signed a 10-year agreement covering a capacity of 78.5 MW of electricity following plant commissioning.

Tico Wind was built applying the most innovative technology, such as drones for surveying, smart tracking of turbine components, advanced digital platforms.

In the last three years, Enel Green Power connected 19 wind farms to the grid in Aragon, in the provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza, with a total combined capacity of 685 MW.

In Spain, Enel currently manages 8,390 MW of renewable capacity including 4,746 MW of hydropower, 2,546 MW of wind power, and 1,098 MW of solar power.

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