Elkem opened a new production workshop in Shanghai

Elkem opened a new production workshop in Shanghai, China, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of specialised silicones for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Sweden based Elkem is the largest silicones producer in China.

China is the world’s largest single market for the production and sales of electric vehicles (EV).

The global demand for EV’s is growing fast, and some analysts now expect EV’s to account for around a third of new car sales by 2030.

Increased sales of hybrids and EV’s represent a substantial growth opportunity for Elkem, particularly within silicones.

An EV contains on average four times more silicones than a traditional car. Silicones contribute to safer, more reliable and more comfortable cars, as a key component in airbags, cables, hoses and tires, and Elkem is already a supplier to several of the world’s top EV producers.