EIB to provide support for a specialised children’s hospital in Burgas


The European Investment Bank (EIB), funded by the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH), will provide support to the Municipality of Burgas to facilitate project preparation for the construction of the first children’s hospital in the country.

The construction of the new hospital is an integral part of the Burgas Municipality’s Investment Programme for the period 2020-2023 and is also considered as an important component of the country’s healthcare strategy by the Ministry of Health.

The new hospital will address the healthcare needs of children and adolescents in the city of Burgas, one of the fastest growing cities in Bulgaria.

The advisory support from the EIB and international consultancy experts will provide the municipality with a comprehensive feasibility study that will include functional planning and preliminary designs for the hospital, in line with best international practices and standards.

This project is due to be completed by 2024.

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