EIB lends up to EUR 10 million to Polish company Scope Fluidics


The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to lend up to EUR 10 million to Scope Fluidics, a Polish medical technology company developing innovative products in the field of medical diagnostics.

Scope Fluidics uses microfluidic technologies and focuses on rapid characterization of antibiotic resistance of bacteria and on ultra-fast detection of bacterial and viral pathogens (including COVID-19).

The EIB financing will support the company’s efforts to develop new, efficient and affordable methods for detection of pathogens causing infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Apart from striving to aid the fight with COVID-19 pandemic, Scope Fluidics’ team is also focused on the Antimicrobial Resistance (“AMR”), which is one of the gravest threats to global health.

Testing a broader range of infectious diseases may significantly increase the standard of care and the effectiveness of prevention of complications in the evolving pandemic.

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