€1,000 per month for freelance artists in Austria

Cristian Hatis
1 Min Read

The €90 million fund will be available for a maximum of six months and will enable self-employed artists to receive €1,000 per month.  

“We are setting up a bridging fund for self-employed artists in the amount of €90 million to supplement existing measures in the arts and culture sector, with planned payments of €1,000 per month”, said Finance Minister Gernot Blümel at a press conference on the Federal Government’s culture package.

Some measures have already been implemented in the arts and culture sector.

These measures include bolstering the artists’ social insurance fund by €5 million, adapting the hardship fund by extending the application period from three to six months, increasing the minimum payment to €500 and offering a comeback bonus of €500 per month.

In addition, an umbrella association package worth up to €700 million plus retroactive insurance of €25 million have already been put together for the film industry.

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