Drivers in Italy are the less interested Europeans for internal combustion engine vehicles

Among the European countries, five show that the number of consumers who intend to buy an internal combustion engine as their next vehicle has dipped below 50%.

These five countries are the largest car markets in the region, Germany (49%), France (48%), the United Kingdom (47%), Spain (35%) and Italy (31%).

The classic engine remains preferred in the Czech Republic (74%), Austria (58%) or Poland (57%), Deloitte data shows.

In the first quarter of 2022, the market share of hybrid electric vehicles increased to 25.1% in the European Union, from 21% in the same period of 2021.

As for electric cars, driving range is the main concern for Europeans – France (25%), Germany (24%), Italy (22%), Poland (22%), Austria (21%), Belgium (21%), Spain (21%),.

Thus, European internal combustion engine drivers would require electric vehicles to significantly improve their driving range before they consider purchasing one.

The British consumers are the most demanding, expecting driving range to reach 700 kilometers.

Also, the percentage of those who want to charge their electric vehicles at home increases to 81% in the UK, 71% in Austria or 70% in Germany.

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