Donuterie opened a store in the town of Bourges, France

Cristian Hatis
1 Min Read

The Romanian brand Donuterie has opened a franchise unit in Bourges, France. It is the second unit in the country, after the Le Mans store and the fourth internationally.

The first Donuterie opened on March 28, 2014, in Târgu Mureş, followed in June 2015 by the first unit in Cluj-Napoca. Currently, the company has 18 locations in Romania.

The company produces several assortments of donuts, mini-donuts and some types of special drinks, Flavored Iced Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Orange Hot Chocolate or Passionfruit Lemon Iced Tea.

An optimal location of a Donuterie franchise is between 40 and 60 sqm. The minimum is around 30 square meters.

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