Digip is digitizing the traditional intellectual property market


The Swedish legal tech company digip launches a SaaS solution that simplifies and streamlines the management of trademark protection and domain management.

The need for trademark protection is ever increasing as 85 percent of all brands have experience of infringement.

By digitizing trademark protection processes into an intuitive SaaS solution, entrepreneurs and established businesses are provided the opportunity to register, protect and monitor their trademark rights worldwide. 

In the first version companies will be given the opportunity to free of charge search if their trademark can be registered in Europe, and then for a small fee, get professional help to get the trademark registered.

To proactively protect the trademark, trademark monitoring is included, and it is possible to register domain names and manage technical services to proactively protect the digital assets of the brand.

digip was founded in 2019 with the aim of simplifying and challenging an industry that has not kept up with the pace of digital innovation.

digip development and operations have so far been financed by the VC company Antler, the business angels Pop Invest, Niklas Alm and OVM Invest as technical co-founder. 

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