Danish town Middelfart is 2022 European Destination of Excellence

The small Danish destination is an example for sustainable tourism and green transition in Europe


Located on the banks of the Little Belt strait, Middelfart is a historically and culturally important destination in Denmark, chosen as the 2022 European Destination of Excellence.

Despite its small size and population, Middelfart offers sustainable tourism experiences, from hotels with certified climate friendly accommodation to nature tourism and cultural events aimed at creating environmental awareness.

The town offers its visitors several options for ecotourism thanks to its proximity to the Little Belt Nature Park, the biggest marine nature park in Denmark and home to the world’s densest population of porpoises (small whales).

Visitors can enjoy activities such as whale safaris, cycling and hiking through the nature park’s varied landscape and along the 117km of coastline.

Middelfart is also integrating sustainable thinking into its decisions, in particular with the „Belt in Balance” initiative, in an attempt to  boost tourism while fostering awareness of marine and coastal ecosystems.

People that love heights will find in the Old Little Belt Bridge a noteworthy attraction, for tours 65 meters off the ground, with spectacular and unimpeded views of the sea, forest, and the town.

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