Czechia: Unemployment rate at 2.9% in October 2020

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read

Unemployment rate of the aged 15–64 years in Czechia reached 2.9% in October 2020 and increased by 0.9 p.p., year-on-year.

The male unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, attained 2.5%; the female unemployment rate reached 3.4%.

Employment rate of the aged 15–64 years reached 74.0% in October 2020 and decreased by 1.2 percentage point (p.p.) compared to that in October 2019.

The male employment rate was 81.0%; the female employment rate was 66.6%, both seasonally adjusted.

The employment rate of persons aged 15–29 years, seasonally adjusted, was 45.6%, in the age group 30–49 years it attained 86.4%, and in the age group 50–64 years it got to 76.7%.

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