Czech Temelín’s Unit 2 began to produce electricity again

Temelín’s Unit 2 began to produce electricity again at 50 % of the reactor rated power. The technicians are now waiting for the tests at 80 percent of reactor rated power to check the reactor core power distribution.

The operators shut it down as planned for refueling on June 12. The outage lasted 58 days and, during it, the technicians replaced a quarter of the fuel, checked the safety systems, and mastered 55 investment actions.

During the outage, the technicians replaced 42 out of 163 fuel assemblies in the reactor.

Altogether, one thousand workers including the suppliers participated in the outage. At the same time, the power engineers planned the outage works so that Unit 2 at Temelín would be connected before the planned disconnection of the Dukovany Unit 2.

Together with the Dukovany power plant, all six nuclear units are currently in operation.

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