Czech Kozel beer brand launches in Romania

Kozel is available in both 330 ml bottles and 500 ml cans. The portfolio includes Kozel Dark, a beer that has exceeded expectations in all countries where it has been launched.

This is also the best-selling dark beer in the Czech Republic, according to Nielsen Retail Audit research in 2021.

The launch is marked by the imposing construction of a goat (the symbol of the Kozel brand), 15 meters high, visible from a distance of 2 kilometers.

Kozel appeared in 1874 and means ”goat” in Czech. At that time, a French painter passed through Velke Popovice and moved by the hospitality of the locals decided to create an emblem for the brewery.

Thus, the painter was inspired by the figure of the goat and turned it into a symbol.

Kozel is exported and enjoyed in over 50 countries around the world, such as Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, South Korea.

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