COVID-19 impact on business: 18% of companies estimate a decrease of revenues up to 20%

Cristian Hatis
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18% of the surveyed companies estimate a reduction up to 20% of the revenues as a result of COVID-19 pandemic impact on business, while the majority (65%) haven’t made assessments yet, according to the PwC Romania HR Barometer.

Another 6% of the respondents estimated a decrease of revenues between 20-50%, 2% consider that the decrease will be between 50-80%, while 9% don’t expect a reduction.

Of the economic sectors that expect a decrease of the incomes up to 20%, transports are detached with a large percentage of answers (75% of the respondents in this sector gave this answer). Also, 25% of the companies surveyed in the automotive industry (manufacturers and distributors) believe that the decrease in revenues will be up to 20%.

The same estimate was made by 22% of responding companies in financial services, 21% of consumer goods (distribution, logistics) and 20% of energy.

Measures to protect employees

The study aims to find out what measures have been taken to protect employees against infection with COVID-19, as well as the period during which they will be applied.

According to the answers, 89% of the study participants performed disinfection in the office, 85% limited the interactions, 58% instituted work from home only for those who can work remotely, 40% offered protective equipment, 25% implemented work at home for all employees, 13% decided on mandatory  work from home and 13% only for the employees who traveled to risk areas.

Interaction-limiting measures

Another question concerned the options considered for limiting interactions in the context of COVID-19.

Respondents took the following measures: 81% canceled internal and external events; 79% limited foreign travel; 72% limited domestic travel; 55% limited internal and external events; 24% applied the work in turns to avoid crowding.

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