Cooles Wien, the app that helps you find where you can chill nearby

If you are looking for some cooling off spaces in Vienna, you can use a new app. Cooles Wien is now available for free in Google Play and App Store.

In the Cooles Wien app will find all over 1.000 drinking fountains, 55 cooling memorial fountains, 50 mobile drinking fountains including fog showers, more than 1.000 parks with their shady trees, 7 water playgrounds, 75 fog showers in parks and over 100 summer splashes – with fog showers on water hydrants – in Vienna.

These places are noted on a digital map and will be displayed as soon as you are nearby.

Vienna builds more parks than any other European capital

There are currently around 1.000 parks in Vienna, and 16 hectares of parking space will be added in the coming years.

In the last 5 years, 126 parks have been redesigned, 18 completely rebuilt, including very large facilities such as Seepark in the Donaustadt with 44,600 m2, or the Helmut Zilk Park with 67,700 m2.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the 30,000 m2 Elinor-Ostrom-Park in the Danube city took place recently and Vienna’s first cooling park is currently being built at the Haus des Meer, with a large cooling spot that cools the surrounding area by up to 6 degrees.

A total of more than 474,500 m2 of green spaces have been redesigned or redesigned since 2015.

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