Construction output volume decreased by 2.1% in April in Hungary

The volume of construction output, based on raw data, was 2.1% lower in April 2020 compared to the high base of the previous year in Hungary.

Output of the two main groups of construction decreased: in the construction of buildings by 1.4%, in civil engineering by 2.8%.

Based on seasonally and working day adjusted indices construction output lessened by 1.3% compared to the March data.

The volume of output decreased in both main groups of construction: in the construction of buildings by 1.4% and in civil engineering by 2.8% compared to the high base of last year.

Out of the divisions of construction, output volume went down by 2.2% in the construction of buildings, by 3.4% in civil engineering while specialised construction activities lessened by 0.8%.

The volume of new contracts increased by 3.9%, within it the volume of new contracts concluded for the construction of buildings was 4.7% higher, the volume for civil engineering works was 3.2% higher than one year earlier.

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