China Mobile International opens UK data centre


China Mobile International Limited (CMI) officially opened its data centre in the UK in early December. As a purpose-built data centre, the new building is CMI’s first data centre in Europe.

Serving as both an International Network Exchange hub and an Internet Data Centre (IDC), the UK data centre supports the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative by providing connectivity and enabling closer ties between Asia and Europe.

The UK Data Centre seamlessly connects with CMI’s newly opened Singapore data centre, its Global Network Centre (GNC) in Hong Kong, China, and its extensive global mobile communications and cloud network infrastructure. CMI is currently also building a dedicated data centre in Frankfurt, Germany as well as other locations.

“The opening of our new data centre in UK is the sign of CMI’s commitment to promoting secure and reliable high-speed connections around the world, and we continue to see strong customer demand for connectivity, cloud and content delivery solutions between Asia Pacific and Europe, but also among with Middle East and Africa regions,” said Dr Li Feng, Chairman & CEO of China Mobile International Ltd.

Located in Slough Trading Estate, the CMI UK Data Centre houses more than 1,600 racks. It has obtained the Uptime Institute Tier III TCDD data centre standards and offers 99.99% service and power availability. 

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