Castellum in real estate transaction with the City of Gothenburg


Castellum is selling a property to the city of Gothenburg in exchange for development rights in connection to Västlänken’s future Station Centralen.

The municipality acquires the property Kobbegården 152:1 and Castellum is at the same time allocated land allotment for a building right of approximately 20-30,000 sq.m. BTA for office and retail space including one of the entrances from Västlänken’s future Station Centralen.

The agreed purchase price for the property Kobbegården 152:1 amounts to SEK 23.5 million.

”I see it as a typical example of a win-win, a good deal for both parties. We get to contribute to urban development in the city center while also offering the city an important piece of the puzzle in southern Gothenburg”, comments Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum AB.

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