Castellum begins construction of warehouse in Lund

Cristian Hatis
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  • Castellum has started construction on new warehousing facilities, comprising just over 5,000 sq.m. of the Gastelyckan industrial park, in the periphery of central Lund.
  • Total investment, including property acquisition, has been calculated to MSEK 88.

The planned building will go up in Lund’s largest industrial and business-operations area of Gastelyckan’s southern end, where enterprises mostly carry out vehicle sales, machine/equipment rentals and construction retail activities.

“Lund is situated in the expanding business region of Öresund and the city enjoys a long tradition of research and entrepreneurship that includes major international and national players. This sort of background convinces us that we’re making a very strong investment for Castellum,” says Henrik Saxborn, CEO at Castellum AB.

The building will consist of three storage and retail-outlet spaces, of which the largest will be leased by Mobility Motors, Sweden’s largest Nissan dealer. They have signed a ten-year leasing agreement for approx. 2,000 sq.m. for operations comprising a retail storefront/showroom, a mechanical workshop and admin offices, with occupancy planned for yearend 2020/2021.

Occupancy for remaining tenants is planned for spring, 2021.

To date, Castellum owns four other properties in the Hasslanda and Gastelyckan industrial and business areas, which are located adjacent to each other.

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