Carrefour Polska has begun testing Tank&Go gas station


Carrefour Polska has begun testing Tank&Go – the new service targeted at Carrefour gas station customers.

The service enables to make a full contactless payment for fuel and is available in the „My Carrefour” mobile application. At the initial testing stage, selected clients of Carrefour gas stations in Warsaw and Krakow can use it.

Carrefour Polska owns over 40 gas stations.

How Tank&Go service works

The service works as part of the “My Carrefour” mobile application. Its users will find in the application a new module – Tank & Go – prepared especially for the needs of the service.

To use it, the customer should log in to the module, provide the necessary data of his car and activate Masterpass mobile payments. When on a Carrefour petrol station, the client simply selects the distributor, specifies the transaction amount, makes the payment and starts refueling.

After its completion, the customer will receive an invoice to the e-mail address provided earlier and can leave the service station. The whole process takes place quickly and fully self-service.

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