Carioca SpA headquarters powered by 1,248 SunPower Performance solar panels

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read

Maxeon Solar Technologies SunPower Performance solar panels are now powering the Headquarters of Carioca SpA located in the North-West of Italy.

Covering a rooftop area of about 2,574 square meters, the 500 kW SunPower technology based PV array is one of the largest commercial solar installations for self-consumption purposes in the area.

Maxeon estimates the installation is expected to generate around 524,000 kWh of clean electricity and mitigate 278,244 kg of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

The system will provide 15% of the facility’s total energy, offsetting purchased utility power by the same percentage and delivering approximately 57,000€ in savings per year over the solar system’s estimated 25-year or longer lifespan.

The system features 1,248 SunPower Performance solar panels.

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