Campari launches its new magazine-style website

Campari gives its online presence a makeover with a magazine-style website featuring a continuously evolving flow of new contents and updates.

The Stronger Together section brings together all the group’s main initiatives carried out since the onset of the COVID-19 health emergency and during all its subsequent stages, in every country where Campari operates.

News is tagged by country, type of activity and intended audience so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

The News & Media section includes an original search engine that allows visitors to access all contents, using a cross-site approach. The aim is to encourage visitors to browse through different types of content, helping them to fully engage with the brand narrative.

The magazine-style approach is particularly evident in “The Spiritheque” section. Part journey of discovery through a secret archive and part virtual art gallery, The Spiritheque tells the story of places, people, mysteries and atmospheres from the world of the Group’s brands.

Combining narratives and animated illustrations, it represents an original approach that explores the intangible heritage of the Group and its brands from a contemporary and innovative perspective through true stories, anecdotes and “legends”, so as to offer readers an original new way to experience the brands.

The website’s all-new design is based on an in-depth study of how Campari’s vast historical and cultural heritage lives through today’s global dimension, embracing brands and people from all over the world. 

The multimedia content is enriched by video interviews with the master blenders and distillers who are guardians of the secret recipes behind some of the Group’s most distinctive products.

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