C&A fully compensates apparel suppliers for all pre-corona orders

C&A has ensured 100% compensation for all orders previously put on hold and has been placing new orders despite the economic headwinds the fashion industry is facing across Europe.

C&A guarantees payment of all pre-corona orders that were in shipment, already produced or in production, at the original price and according to agreed payment terms. 

In addition, suppliers are compensated for all pre-corona orders for which production had not yet started, either financially or by placing new orders utilizing raw materials that had already been purchased.

This way, C&A has ensured compensation of its suppliers for all orders that had been put on hold at the beginning of the crisis as a precautionary measure in the face of the complete shutdown of all of the company’s 1.400 stores across Europe.

Furthermore, many suppliers are supported through C&A’s supplier finance system in cooperation with the company’s partner bank.

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