Bulgarian Fibank increased its share capital


Fibank (First Investment Bank) successfully increased its share capital. Today, the subscribed shares from the new issue were fully paid up.

The new shareholders of the bank are the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) with 18.35% and Valea Foundation with 7.87%.

“This is our first portfolio investment in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a promising and fast developing EU country. Fibank, the leading private bank on the market, has a strong potential for further growth and for expansion of its products and services in the banking sector,“ says Paul Schmidt, Board Member of Valea Foundation.

By July 2, 2020, Fibank will have increased its share capital by BGN 195,424,000, while its total capital adequacy ratio will reach 22.52% compared to 19.57% as of March 31, 2020.

Fibank continues to implement its strategy, with an emphasis on retail and SME lending.

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