Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are ready to join Schengen, says the European Commission


„It is high time to say welcome! Schengen is Europe. These three Member States deserve to feel fully European”, said Commissioner Johansson on the readiness of Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia to fully participate in the Schengen area.

According to the European Commission, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia strongly proved that they have met all conditions regarding effective management of external borders, cooperation with law enforcement in other countries, uniform Schengen visas and connection to information systems.

Schengen is the largest area of free movement in the world with 3,5 million people crossing borders every day – for work, studies or travel and one third of the EU population lives in border regions.

For now, 22 Member States and 4 associated countries are in the Schengen area and a final decision on Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania admission is expected at the Home Affairs Council on 8 December.

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