British Gas: “OK Google, tell me how to fix my boiler”

British Gas has used its knowledge of UK boilers and expertly trained engineers to develop a voice activated troubleshooting service with Google Assistant. The service is available via the Google Assistant app on a smart phone, Google home or Google Nest device.  

British Gas Boiler Support helps solve the most common heating and hot water issues by giving clear and practical directions. It is available at any time and for anyone – not just British Gas customers – experiencing a boiler breakdown this winter.

British Gas receives around 1.3 million boiler breakdown call outs each winter and estimates that many of these issues could be resolved using the service – saving time and money with no need to call an engineer. It will only guide consumers through safe and easy to perform instructions that won’t damage the boiler.

Jay Slaney, technical support engineer at British Gas said: “This service solves many of the common, but fixable, problems our engineers encounter all the time while visiting customer homes. We’ve used their knowledge, combined with the latest voice-recognition technology, to quickly narrow down any issue with your heating or hot water.

If you live in UK and think there’s a problem with your boiler, you simply say to your Google Home or Google Nest device (or to the open Google Assistant app on your smartphone): “Ok Google, talk to Boiler Support”. The system will then help you troubleshoot the issue.

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