Bonami has a new sales target for 2021, EUR 96 million

Bonami had set a target of EUR 77 million in sales for 2021, but after an increase in sales, it changed this threshold to EUR 96 million.

Pavel Vopařil, CEO of Bonami, explained: After the first three months of 2021, we had to re-evaluate the forecast. We are growing significantly faster

Some categories stood out, such as sofas, mattresses or pillows, which indicates that people still want to invest to make their home more comfortable.

Also, garden accessories and furniture have grown in importance, and due to the fact that Bonami has introduced its own brand.

For the near future, the company focuses on several projects that will be implemented in the coming months, sunch as optimizing the website and delivery methods.

Depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed, Bonami will evaluate the opportunity to open stores in new locations.

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