BaronMerino to start its Kickstarter campaign on July 30

An Austrian startup develops innovative patented Merino wool blend fabric and now seeks to finance their first clothing collection through crowdfunding.

After two years in development, BaronMerino is ready to introduce their innovative new fabric that combines Merino wool with a synthetic material developed for use in sports underwear.

The fibers are bonded together in a patented production process that preserves the natural odor-resistance, temperature regulation and quick drying properties of Merino wool and augments them with the comfort, durability and functionality of Meryl Skinlife.

Kickstarting the first collection

The first BaronMerino Collection features a blouse, polo shirt and t-shirt for women and a pullover, polo shirt and t-shirt for men and will be available in five popular colors.

Recommended retail prices range from €85 to €127 with special discounts for early Kickstarter backers of up to 50%.

Starting their 28 day Kickstarter campaign on 30th of July with a funding goal of 35.000 euros which will be used to finance the production of the fabric, as well as the manufacture and delivery of the garments.

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