Average per capita purchasing power in Italy at €16,439 in 2020

In Italy the average per capita purchasing power is €16,439 in 2020, as shown on ”GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2020” report.

This puts Italians around 18 percent above the European average and in sixteenth place among the 42 countries considered by GfK’s study. 

There is a significant north-south divide in the distribution of purchasing power between Italy’s affluent north and poorer south. All of the provinces in the top ten are located in the north of Italy. The province of Milano remains at the top of the rankings.

The area around the fashion metropolis has a per capita purchasing power of €23,507, which is 43 percent above the national average and more than 69 percent above the European average.

New to the top ten is the province of Firenze, which occupies tenth place and ousts the province of Valle d’Aosta/Vallee d’Aoste from the top ten. The provinces of Monza e della Brianza and Genova switch fifth and eighth places in the rankings.

The ten least affluent provinces are all located in southern Italy

Last place goes to Crotone, which is situated in the country’s far south.

Inhabitants of this province have a per capita purchasing power of €9,119, which is around 45 percent less than the national average and around 34 percent less than the European average.

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