Average monthly wage in Slovakia at EUR 1.113 in Q3 2020

In Slovakia, the average monthly wage increased by 4,2 % to EUR 1.113, but the growth was mainly driven by the public sector.

The unstable period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the third quarter has not yet significantly affected the wage growth.

After a unique decline in the nominal value of the average wage in the last quarter, monthly wages increased by an average of EUR 45 year-on-year in the 3rd quarter.

After taking into account the inflation rate, real wage growth reached by 2,7 %. Compared to the 2nd quarter of 2020, the seasonally adjusted average wage rose by 6,7 %.

In the sectors where most people work, the increases reached 2,1 % in industry and 1,5 % in trade.

Compared to the corresponding period last year, the average nominal wage increased in all sectors monitored, with growth reaching from 0,3 % in administrative services to 10,5 % in public administration and defense.

Higher increases were also recorded in education (by 10,2 %), health and social work (by 6,7 %) and in professional, scientific and technical activities (by 6,1 %).

Average nominal monthly wage was higher than on average for the entire economy of the Slovak Republic only in Bratislavský kraj (EUR 1.358).

In all the other regions, it ranged from EUR 893 in Prešovský kraj to EUR 1.064 in the Trnavský kraj.

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