Autodoc opened a new warehouse in Szczecin


Autodoc opened its latest logistics centre in Szczecin, last Friday. With the new building ”M13”, the company is doubling its storage space in the city to 26.700 square metres.

Up to 800 jobs will be created in the new semi-automatically operated warehouse.

In 2018 Autodoc opened its local reloading point for car parts, accessories and consumer goods by the A6 motorway in the district of Zalom-Kasztanowe.

By now, almost 1.600 employees and contract workers work at this location. Almost 75.000 products are unpacked and repacked, addressed and shipped to end customers every day.

In future, Autodoc’s handling will increase from 25.000 daily orders to as many as 61.000 orders.

The Szczecin site is Autodoc’s most important logistics location with total investments of around 11.0 million euros since its launch.

Autodoc searches for new employees in Szczecin and Berlin

Autodoc is currently looking for new employees in both Szczecin and Berlin to meet the continuing strong growth in demand. Szczecin, in particularly, has turned into a popular logistics location in Poland.

The multinational workforce in the warehouses often works in teams organised according to their native languages. Ten nations are represented in Szczecin.

The employees receive a number of bonus systems, private health insurance and care as well as free transport to and from the city centre of Szczecin.

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