Austrian citizenship granted to over 8.000 persons since the start of this year

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read
People on street in downtown Vienna | @BuzzFoto

During H1 2022, Austrian citizenship was granted to 8.158 persons, including 2.417 (29,6%) persons residing abroad, as Statistics Austria reports.

There were 61,3% more naturalisations than in H1 2021 and 52,5% more than in the comparable period before the start of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In the first half of 2022, 2.421 (of whom 2.396 live abroad) persons politically persecuted of the Nazi regime and their descendants were granted Austrian, a 29.7% of all naturalisations in this half-year.

Persons who were naturalised under this title are most frequently nationals of Israel (939), United States (54) and United Kingdom (525). Those naturalised for other reasons (5.737 in total) were previously most likely to be nationals of Turkey (603), Syria (531) and Bosnia Herzegovina (469).

Almost a quarter of the newly naturalised persons were born in Austria (1.923 or 23.6%).

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