Austria surpassed 7 million registered motor vehicles mark

7.1 million motor vehicles were registered as of 31 December 2020 in Austria, 1.5% or 102,592 more than on the same date in the previous year.

As Statistics Austria further reports, passenger cars accounted for the largest share of the motor vehicle stock (71.7%) and increased by 1.0% to 5.09 million vehicles.

The number of diesel-powered passenger cars decreased by 0.4% to 2.76 million (2019: -0.1%).

Furthermore, those with petrol engines (incl. flex-fuel) increased by 0.7% to around 2.20 million (2019: +1.9%).

Electric passenger cars recorded an increase of 50.8% (2019: +41.7%) to 44 507 vehicles.

Passenger cars with combined drive systems (hybrid) increased (petrol/electric: +51.1%; diesel/electric: +133.0%).

In 2020, VW dominated the Austrian streets again with 1,033,770 passenger cars (share: 20.3% of all registered passenger cars).

German car makers complete top 3, as VW is followed by Audi with 385,372 passenger cars (share: 7.6%) and BMW with 317,582 passenger cars (share: 6.2%).

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