Austria: 58% of the people who had terminated their employment found another job by the end of June


According to Statistics Austria the number of new jobs taken up between April and June 2020 was about 167.000 higher than the number of jobs that ended in this period.

58% of the people who had terminated their employment in the second half of March 2020 had found employment again by the end of June 2020.

The number of persons in employment according to the international definition was 4 195 700 for June 2020, already 62 800 higher than in May 2020. Nonetheless, employment figures remained 106 700 below June 2019.

Analysis by gender shows that while women and men were affected to a similar extent at the beginning of the crisis, men are more likely to quickly re-enter the labour market.

Overall, by the end of June, 62% of men, but only 52% of women, who left employment in the second half of March, had re-entered the labour market.

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