Arçelik completes production of 5.000 mechanical ventilators


Turkish company Arçelik, which owns Beko and Grundig, has completed production of 5.000 mechanical ventilators.

300 devices a day were manufactured at its Çerkezköy electronics facility on a not-for-profit basis to meet domestic and international demand.

2.866 of these ventilators have been sent to 14 countries including some of the hardest hit countries, such as Brazil, which reported a record number of infections in a single day, and Somalia, which had no ventilators in April.

The devices have also been sent to Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Azerbaijan, Libya, UAE, Uzbekistan, Dagestan, Syria, Afghanistan, Romania and Bangladesh.

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik, says: “At Arçelik we want to be part of the solution; working collectively with businesses and governments to fight COVID-19 globally and shape a more sustainable future on the other side.”

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