Albatross Designs opened its European HQ in Milan

Albatross Designs opened its European HQ in Milan, Italy, with the initial core purposes of improving customer experience and increasing its presence in the European dialogue about sustainability.

Since its inception, back in 2015 in California, Albatross Designs had a clear purpose to make products that have a positive environmental benefit.

“This is a tremendous moment in the life of Albatross Designs because now we will be able to test upcoming, innovative sustainable products and technologies in two very different yet very similar places which means an opportunity to learn quickly, and hopefully, contribute to a reduction in pollution that much quicker. Our direct presence in Europe will also help us to expand the very successful Albatross Blade Take Back Program as well as many other projects currently underway,” said Andrew LaCenere, Founder & CEO.

Based in the Lombardia region of Italy, internationally recognized as one of the most dynamic design hubs in the world, Albatross Designs Europe is now also well positioned to provide improved logistic processes with more flexible customs and lower shipping costs when marketing and distributing in Europe.

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