Aegean Airlines is the most attractive employer in Greece

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read

Aegean Airlines is the most attractive employer in Greece, as it found itself in the top of the Randstad ranking, climbing to the top from third place on last year’s list. also noted that the top 10 most attractive employers in Greece for 2020 are:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Hellenic Aviation Industry
  • Sklavenitis
  • Ion
  • Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE)
  • Intralot
  • Bank of Greece
  • Pharmathen
  • Papadopoulou
  • Independent Electricity Transmission Manager (ADMIE)

The Randstad Employer Brand survey, the most comprehensive, independent and detailed survey of the employer’s image worldwide, was conducted on a sample of 6,136 companies with over 185,000 participants in 33 countries.

For Greece, the survey is conducted for the third consecutive year evaluating a sample of the 150 largest companies, involving 3,504 people, including Greek students, workers and unemployed people aged 18 to 65.

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