74% of companies to increase the investments in technology to improve HR

Attracting top talent and keep them, developing everyone to reach their potential and improving people’s work experience, primarily by automating tasks, are the main concerns for HR leaders in 2020, according to the global survey PwC Human Resources Technology.

To solve these challenges, 74% of the respondents intend to increase the investments in technology and 79% plan to use artificial intelligence for HR processes by 2022.

Asked about what technologies they plan to use, HR leaders mentioned one or more areas of interest: 49% talent acquisition, 48% improved user experience for employees, 46% skills mapping/career path tools, 45% intelligent recruiting, 45% processes automation and 36% tailor learning journeys.

”The current generation of HR tech has a solution for every point in the employee journey and to monitor every dimension of work, bringing huge benefits. Though, in a true digital transformation, adoption of emerging technologies is just one part. The bigger goal is developing a workforce and culture open to innovation and change. Thus, the real challenge is the adoption of technologies by employees who must be supported in this endeavor with trainings and other incentives”, said Ionuț Sas, Partner, People and Organisation Leader PwC Romania.

The survey shows that 82% of the companies say they struggle with adoption challenges when it comes to the technology in their human capital portfolio and they think about strategies of digital upskilling, incentives and gamification, to increase tech adoption rates.

The global market of HR cloud solutions developed a lot in the last ten years, to a value of USD 148 billion. It’s a segment with many innovative start-ups that are promising to help companies keep up with smart, always-on and connected interactions employees and talent networks expect, according to the report.

PwC’s Human Resources Technology Survey explores the effectiveness of technology investments from the views of 600 HR leaders on six continents.

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