6 out of 10 countries with highest national debt-to-GDP ratio are EU nations

Data presented by Buy Shares shows that six European Union countries make up the top ten nations with a highest National-to-GDP ratio.

From the research, Japan has the highest ratio at 268.21%.

U.S. debt continues to spike 

Greece is second with a ratio of 214.29% while the Itlay is third at 156.92%. The United States has the fifth highest debt-to-GDP ratio at 136.69% while the United Kingdom is tenth at 100.87%.

The Buy Shares report also overviewed countries with the highest GDP and also the highest national debt.

As of September 3rd, the United States has the highest GDP $19.54 trillion followed by China at $14.57 trillion. Japan’s GDP almost five times less compared to the US at $4.53 trillion.

Under national debt, the United States is on top with $26.71 trillion. The debt is almost double compared to second-placed Japan with a debt of $12.15 trillion.  China has the third highest national debt globally at $7.32 trillion.

The US national debt continues to spiral to historical levels threatening the economy. According to the research report:

The U.S. is among countries that pumped more money into the economy to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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