50% plant-based meals in Ikea restaurant by 2025

Ikea announced today new food commitments, in connection to a pre-event for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.

Thus, by 2025, Ikea wants that 50% of main meals offered in the restaurants to be plant-based, 80% to be non-red meat and 80% of all packaged food offered to be plant-based.

In 2019, over 680 million people experienced the Ikea food offer in the restaurants, bistros and the Swedish Food Markets.

A recent study of 27,000 people across 27 countries confirmed that three out of four people want to reduce their impact on the environment by a large amount, and a significant number of meat eaters would be willing to switch to plant-based alternatives if they taste equally good, and have the same price and nutritional value.

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