30.1% of Bulgarian enterprises carried out an innovation activity

During the period 2016 – 2018 30.1% of the enterprises with 10 or more persons employed carried out an innovation activity, latest NSI data shows.

Compared to the previous survey (2014 – 2016) the innovation activity increased by 2.9 percentage points (from 27.2% to 30.1%).

An increase was observed in the enterprises in industrial sector as well as in those in services sector – respectively by 3.7 and 2.5 percentage points.

Innovation activity of the enterprises in industry (35.3%) was higher than of those providing services (24.6%).

The largest share of active enterprises was in the group of large enterprises (with 250 and more persons employed) – 76.1%.

In 2018, turnover of innovation-active enterprises constituted 57.0% of the turnover, and the persons employed – 57.8% of the persons employed in all enterprises.

In 29.2% of innovation-active enterprises, more than half of the persons employed are with tertiary education, while in not innovation-active enterprises this share is 17.3%.

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