Just 12% of companies felt that the pandemic will trigger a rethink on mobility

Just 12% felt that the pandemic will trigger a fundamental rethink on mobility.

20% believed that the number of international moves will decrease in the future as a result of this crisis, according to PwC Global Mobility Pulse survey ran of more than 350 companies in 37 countries globally.

So, 44% of respondents said they’ll return to business as usual as soon as possible with the same number of moves.

Although many relocations have been postponed, 58% of surveyed companies said they were allowing employees to start new roles from their home country.

Two-thirds of companies who had employees on secondment or transfer at the outset of the pandemic had offered them the option of returning home.

In this context, 40% of companies told the pandemic has had a moderate or significant impact on the ability of mobile employees to continue with business as usual.

More than half (53%) of the companies surveyed said that mobile employees worked from home in the lockdown and 33% said that their presence was needed to the work site.

PwC ran the pulse survey of more than 350 companies in 37 countries, from North America, Middle East, Latin America, UK, Central/Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific,  Western Europe and Africa, to assess the impact of COVID-19 on global mobility.

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